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Ways to Improve Your Physical Appearance Overnight And Attract Women

Hi there, can you judge a book by its cover? Don’t you wish that women would sometimes just give you a chance and look past your outer appearance?


Wouldn’t that be nice! But in the real world, people DO judge books by their cover…after all, you can’t take the time to read them all. You have to have a way to weed them out and determine which are worth you by finding out more.

So your appearance DOES matter when it comes to your ability to attract women. Thankfully, you can easily improve your appearance without consulting a plastic surgeon.

Is this going to be a diet scam to drop seven pounds overnight?

Nope! You and I both know that’s just a ploy to make money. These are some simple and practical ways that you can improve your physical appearance that will increase your success in getting women’s attention…

#1 Dress to Your Personality

Your personality needs to be the determining factor in what kinds of clothes you decide to wear, not what’s popular. How many times have you seen a dude who was wearing something (even something kind of nice) but you were like “No dude. No.”

Even if you aren’t this keen on fashion, you have to realize that women are like the fashion police. If your choice of clothing does not match your body type, your personality and your lifestyle, you’ll look like a fish out of water.

This is the one area in which it might even be worth making the investment in working with a fashion adviser. The insights will go with you the rest of your life and you’ll be able to choose clothing that will complement your personality…and women WILL take notice.

#2 One “Unusual” Fashion Feature

Unusual fashion features such as jewelry are great conversation pieces and speak volumes about your individuality. The world’s greatest pick up artist swears by the importance of an unusual fashion feature, and you can bet this means that it’s getting him (and his students) results. So choose something that fits your personality and give it a try.

#3 Quality Shoes

Don’t ask why, but one of the first things that a woman looks at when she sizes a man up is his shoes. Translation, if there’s one article of clothing that you want to splurge on it’s your shoes. My advice would be to go to a good shoe store and talk to a shoe salesperson who really knows what they are talking about. If you can, take a female friend with you and have her advise you… …and look at it as an investment in yourself instead of a “cost.”

#4 Facial Hair to Fit Your Facial Features

Just as with your fashion, your facial hair needs to match your personality and your facial features: beard, mustache, goatee, scruff, eyebrows (yes, women notice them). If you have a good hairdresser, you might want to let them help you with this…after all, it’s their job.

They can help you to find celebrities who have the same facial structure as you and choose facial hair “styles” that bring out those features.

#5 Teeth Cleaning or Whitening

Women notice your teeth, and you need to keep them clean and white. A man who does not care for his teeth probably doesn’t care well for other things and keep them clean either. Now think about that and remember that women ARE thinking about the fact that they might be sleeping with a man who they are interested in.

If your teeth are unkempt, dingy, yellow or stained, you might not get the chance to have an amazing interaction. What a shame that would be…so take care of it!

Now, in addition to this, it’s important that you have the “inner game” worked out so that when she chooses to “read the book,” she’ll want to know more.

What do you think?

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