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How To Convince A Woman That You Are A Good Catch

Are you a good catch? If you believe that you are, you’re probably beginning to realize that no matter how good of a catch you are, if “she” is not convinced, then it doesn’t make a difference.

Do you sometimes get frustrated and think “Damn! What’s wrong with all these women? All I hear them talk about is how ‘all the good guys are taken,’ while I’m still single!”

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re about to learn how you can prove to a woman that you are a good catch…

First, What’s Your Social Value?

Ok, have you ever purchased a product because of the recommendation of a friend? How about a product you purchased because of what other people were saying about how good it was? Whether you realize it or not, these purchases were made because you perceive that those products have a high value in the eyes of others… and why did you perceive this? [Read: Reasons Why Beautiful Girls Loose Interest In Men]

Was it because you have experienced the product yourself first-hand? No, it was because you saw that the product was “preselected” by others. In other words, it was a good buy.

Now ask yourself this:

In what ways are you communicating your social value to women who meet you? When you go places, are you by yourself or are you accompanied by friends? Do you have female friends who show that you are “preselected” by other women? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to prove your value to women who you don’t know.

Just as the testimonials prove the value of a product to someone who has never tried it, so you can also prove your social value to a woman by being seen with others. If you doubt this to be true, just look for a man who is by himself the next time you go somewhere.

Pay attention to your impression of someone who is out by themselves, especially if they are in a place like a bar or a club where people normally go with friends.

This ought to give you an idea of just how important social value is. So the next time you go out, find a few friends to go with you, preferably female friends.[Read: Are You Afraid Of Women?]

But what if you don’t have the social “resources” to do this?

Building Your Social Resources

If you are a man who has very few friends, or who has just come out of a divorce or a long-term relationship, you can rebuild your social resources faster than you think. All that you have to do is pick one spot where people go frequently (such as a bar, a club, or a coffee house) and start getting acquainted with the staff or the regulars.

Once you do this, you will be in a position where you can start to increase your social value to every woman who walks into this place.

Here are three habits that will help you do this:

* Tip well
* Learn People’s first names
* Introduce people to one another

As simple as these habits sound, you’d be amazed at how much social value you can build in one place in just a few short weeks. Do this in two locations, and you can meet a woman in one of the locations and bring her to another. In both places, you’ll know enough people to demonstrate to her that you are open, friendly, and well liked.

If you think that this sounds like a good idea, then go out and get started on building your social value as soon as possible. This will build the perception in her mind that you are a good catch.

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