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5 Easy Ways to Get Past Her Defenses

You approach a woman, she nicely greet you and soon you start a conversation with her. After 10-15 minutes you see her drifting away from you, she start giving out lame excuses and finally you see her go away. What has she done? She has defended himself after realising that you are a jerk. Well, you are left their all alone wondering how you will spend the rest of your time.

Naturaly a woman will defend herself whan treatened by anything…

So Why Do Women Need Defenses?

You know, I used to think it was puzzling that a woman who was clearly looking for the right man would have her dukes up. I mean how can you possibly give anyone a chance if you won’t let them close enough to find out who you really are? [Read: How To Start A Conversation With A Woman]

Picture it this way: how many times are you solicited by businesses to spend money? You have sales people calling you on the phone, on your television, on the radio, knocking on your door and blowing up your email box. How could you possibly give your attention, let alone your money, to even half of them?

It’s just too much information…so you’ve probably got to be saying “no thanks” or “not interested” haven’t you? You’re doing this so often that most of the time you don’t even know what you’re not interested in! So how can you blame a woman who’s probably getting approached at least a dozen times a week?

How can you get past her defenses and set yourself apart from all the other men competing for her attention? Here are five simple things that you can do:

1. Don’t Hover

Want to really creep woman out who you want to meet? Hover close to her, glance at her occasionally or even stare at her. The longer that you do this without approaching her, the more defensive she is going to be. In fact, you might completely ruin your chances of meeting her before you even open your mouth.

2. Don’t go out alone

Take a friend with you when you go out, preferably a female friend. If a woman sees that you have friends it demonstrates to her that you have some preselected social value. This sends her the subconscious message that you are at least a halfway normal person.

It also shows her that you have a life and this helps you to know that you won’t be one of those clingy, needy types.

3. Talk to Everyone (not just her)

This is really effective when it comes to getting a woman to lower her defenses. In fact, if you are in a situation where you can talk to people around her without speaking directly to her, she’s eventually going to wonder:

“Who is this guy? He’s talking to everyone but me… I wonder why.” This will show her that you are friendly and will keep her from thinking that you are talking to her just to hit on her. If you do this the right way, she may even approach you first. [Read: Secret Of Dating Online]

4. Master the Walk Away

Unless you are in a situation where you will lose the chance to talk to her again, get into the habit of walking away from the conversation temporarily. This will show that you are not needy and will help her relax. If the conversation which you start, but don’t finish, is interesting enough you might even get her to approach you to continue it.

5. Wait on the Introductions

Sometimes it can be a mistake to introduce yourself to the woman right away. After all, what is every other man doing to get her attention? Probably the old: “Hi I’m___, what’s your name?” Much like the walk away, this will demonstrate to her that you are not needy and will bring her defenses down.

As simple as these may sound, you might be surprised at the difference they make.

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