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How To Tell If She Is Interested

While trying to search for a woman, you might sometimes realise that you are chasing a wrong woman who does not even like you. And sadly you realise this after weeks of persuing and seducing her with all your skills and techniques.

Then finally you realise that you had wasted your time and energy right? Okay, well, why not you get to know the signals wherere if she’s interested or not?

Not All Women Are the Same

So, first it’s important to understand that only about 1% of the general population (men and women alike) know what they really want in a relationship. So you are always going to be getting confusing signals from women, and some women will lose interest the moment that they realize they “have you where they want you.”

We’ll be talking more about how to keep this from happening in later emails. But it’s important that you understand what you are up against. Other than that, what you are about to discover is that most “interest indications” are communicated through a woman’s body language.[Read: Things that turn on a woman instantly]

Here are three things to look for…

1. Preening

This is when a woman does one of the following: combs her hair back over her ear, rubs or scratches herself on the neck or collar bone, strokes her wrists or the top of her hand or sometimes her cheek.

Body language experts tell us that these are the subconscious indications that a woman might be attracted. Women don’t realize that they are doing this, and that’s a good thing. This means that they can’t hide their interest or fake it.

All you have to do is know what to look for.

2. Pupil Dilation

You might have heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and this is certainly true when it comes to reading a person’s genuine desires. This not just an enormous indicator interest, it also tells you whether or not a woman is aroused sexually. Of course, it’s difficult to see this in some women or in some settings.

But if you can get close enough (or if you have really good eyes), pupil dilation almost always guarantees that you have a shot.

This physical reaction is so important when it comes to determining a person’s interest that marketing and advertising experts have conducted millions of dollars worth of research to determine which sounds, words, symbols, colors and tastes spur this response in people.[Read: The psychology used to attract beautiful women]

3. A Second Glance

This one is perfect if you are trying to determine the interest of a woman you just saw and have not yet met. Wait for her to look over at you (she very likely will at least once).

When she does, don’t smile or wave or give any indication of interest. Just look back at her until she looks away (it will only be a few seconds…at most).

If she looks away and towards the floor, or even to the side, look down at your watch…wait 45 seconds, and see if she looks back at you before the 45 seconds is up. If she does, she’s probably at least interested in being approached.

One word of caution, you MUST act fast once you see these things! Remember, for women, timing is everything. If you miss your cue and don’t make a move, her interest will be gone and you might never get it back.

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