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Ways On How To Flirt With A Woman Effectively

Flirting is viewed in many different ways. Some find flirting as a way to show someone you’re attracted to them, some see flirting as seducing, while others see it as romance, etc.

Flirting is done remotely with sign language and up close with words, often also to know if a woman is attracted to a guy or not.

In this article, I’ll provide flirting tips you can use to find out if the woman is open to conversation and maybe more.

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The three tips for remote flirting

Suppose you see a nice woman ten meters away from you.

She looks very nice and has a beautiful smile.

You want to know if she’s attracted, so first start flirting remotely to see if she’s up for a conversation at all.

1. Smile

This one speaks the most for itself. If you smile and the woman smiles back, she will not reject you right away and this is an invitation to speak to her.

If you want to break the ice, smiling is always a good plan anyway.

2. Make playful gestures

When I say playful gestures I mean gestures like sticking out your tongue, wiping dust off your shoulder, etc.

Of course, you do this with not much seriousness on your face so that she knows that you are joking.

If she is open to a conversation she will gesture or laugh back.

3. Look sexy

Methods vary, I don’t usually use this for remote flirting but I know men who use it successfully.

How do you look at someone sexy:

Open your eyelid just a little.

Have a little humble smile

Have confident body language

Furthermore, I can only recommend that you practice it in front of the mirror so that you can be sure that you don’t look like you are trying hard when you start flirting with a woman like that.

If she starts to look back a lot or starts to smile or the like, then she is open to a conversation.

Flirting tips during the conversation

In a conversation, it is useful to know whether a woman is attracted to you or not.

The big difference is that if you are close to her, the woman can understand you more and it can lead to you touching her.

The following are exactly the ways you can find out if she is interested in you.

1. Touch

Personally, this is my most common way to see if a woman is attracted to me.

It works very simply, you touch the woman a lot and if she doesn’t pull herself away from your touches or touches back a lot then she is attracted to you.

2. Isolate her

If she’s attracted to you, it’s helpful for you to isolate her at some point.

Isolating a woman is when you take her away from her group of friends to, say, a couch or the smoking area.

This is useful to see if she is interested in you and to make the conversation more romantic.

You do this simply by saying that you are tired and want to sit down and ask her to come along.

There are many other ways to isolate a woman, but I will not go into that now.

If a woman is not interested in you, she will not just go with you anyway, so this is a good test to see if the women are attracted to you.

In addition, women are often less romantic when their girlfriends are there, so the isolation is therefore also useful for the seduction

3. Qualify her

Ask a qualifying question.

If you like adventurous women then ask her if she is adventurous. If she is, then qualify her.

You can ask this question from a point of view that you are figuring out whether she meets your standards or not.

Of course, if she’s attracted to you, she’ll want to do her best to prove herself, and if she’s not attracted to you, she won’t do her best to make herself look adventurous, for example.

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