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6 Dangers of Hopelessly Falling In Love and How To Overcome It

Have you ever considered what falling in love really is and why people fall hopelessly in love?

Are you madly in love with someone? In the event that you’re madly in love, it’s easy for you to mess up and lose yourself in the end.

I remember back then when one of my friend was madly in love with a woman and it was hard for him to focus on other things surrounding him. This led to him to lose focus and sadly, what he wanted he never succeeded in getting.

In this article, you will learn to recognize the dangers that lurk when you are madly in love with a woman.

Why Being Madly In Love Can Ruin Your Chances  To Get Her

Being in love with someone can ruin your chances of you getting her. It is often the case when a person in love allows his actions to be determined by his feelings which can later go sideways.

One thing you should know is that a person’s feelings are very strong so his or her actions can quickly go wrong.

The actions of a person in love can go wrong especially with someone who has no mutual feelings.

Being in love usually causes you to chase someone because you are afraid of losing that person. But sadly this often has the opposite effect. Chasing someone makes you desperate.

The more attracted you are to someone, the more you need contact with them and have confirmation.

Men who rarely date and have few women friends in their life will start to show a behavior that they believe to have the right to be accepted by the opposite sex when they are madly in love with them.

For most women, such behaviour is unaccepted to them and they get repelled most of the time.

Seeking too much contact and trying to get confirmation actually makes you look insecure to her.

If you are very attracted to or in love with someone, think before doing anything, otherwise, you may be doing something that appears unattractive.

When it happens that you have madly fallen in love, there are stages which one goes through during the process.

The Three Stages of Love

Stage 1: Lust

Lust is powered by the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Contrary to popular belief, testosterone is not limited to men only. This hormone is also present in women – albeit in smaller quantities. It has been scientifically shown testosterone plays an important role in the sexual libido of women. It makes us feel like having sex with another of the opposite sex.

Lust is mainly triggered when estrogen and testosterone hormones increase in men and women. These hormones not only increase our sex drive, but also serves as fuel and motivation for the search for a potential partner.

Stage 1 features:

  • We actively look for a potential partner
  • We select potential partners on the basis of external characteristics
  • We have an instinctive desire for sexual satisfaction

Stage 2: Romantic Attraction

This is the real love phase. The moment people fall in love, they can’t think of anything else. We lose our appetites, need less sleep, and prefer to spend our time daydreaming about the person we are in love with.

At this stage, a group of neurotransmitters (monoamines) play an important role:

Dopamine  (also activated by cocaine or nicotine)

Noradrenaline (Also known as adrenaline: makes us sweat and make our hearts beat faster)

Serotonin (greatly affects our mood, sleep, appetite and sexual activity)

These neurotransmitters increase alertness and excitement in our body when we are strongly attracted to another.

Stage 2 features:

  • Emotional dependence
  • Physical complaints (dry mouth, palpitations, sweating)
  • Blind to the negative sides of the person you are in love with
  • Obsessive behavior and jealousy

Stage 3: Adhesion

Romantic attraction eventually turns to affection the moment love is returned. People cannot stay in stage 2 forever because otherwise, they would no longer be able to function properly. From a biological perspective, stage 3 is meant to keep a man and woman together until they have children together. However, the use of contraception (contraception) usually disrupt (or delays) this process.

2 Important hormones that play an important role at this stage:

Vasopressin: This hormone plays an important role in monogamy and social behavior. It ensures that men stay with their partners and help raise and protect their child in the early years of life.

Oxytocin: This hormone is partly responsible with Prolactin for a mother’s care behavior. It helps to strengthen the strong bond between mother and child. It also ensures that milk production starts. In addition, it helps to strengthen the bond between man and woman when they are intimate with each other.

Stage 3 features:

  • A strong bond with your partner
  • Sense of well-being and social comfort
  • Separation anxiety and social discomfort in the absence of a partner
  • The urge to start a family (procreation)

Now that you have learned to recognize the three stages of love, you also understand why falling in love is so intense. In the brain, an increase in various hormones and brain substances takes place. These all have their own function. Among other things, they ensure that we go through fire for our potential partner. After all, without strong bonding, there will be no successful reproduction and survival of the child.

But this obsessive feeling of being hopelessly in love can seriously ruin our chances with a woman.

Dangers of hopelessly falling in love

1. You Get Stressed

That euphoric feeling you experience when you are in love with someone is the same effect that occurs in the brains of people addicted to drugs such as cocaine. According to neuropsychological scientists, rejection by a potential partner has a serious effect on your motivation and reward system. When you are in love with someone, then that someone does not reciprocate the love back to you, then you automatically became obsessed and stressed. The feeling is the same as the users who have restrained themselves from taking some drugs.

There are some ways on how to relieve yourself from getting stressed. You can do the following

  • Exercise (good for body and mind)
  • Look for distraction with your friends
  • Date other women too (and have sex with them!)

2. Loss of Appetite

A loss of appetite is a typical physical effect that occurs when you fall in love with someone. Falling in love not only makes your head spin but also your body has no need for food. You feel no importance of getting a bite down your throat and you get nauseous just thinking about it.

The substances dopamine and noradrenaline suppress your hunger when you are in love. Eating a little less for a day or two is no problem at all, but if you continue this ‘love diet’ for weeks, then you have a problem.

So how do you ensure that you keep your energy level up to standard every day?

  • Commit yourself to finish a plate of food
  • Stick to your old diet (breakfast and dinner)
  • Find out things that you like and that will work up your appetite
  • Cook together with others (which makes you associate eating and cooking with something positive)

3. You Lose Focus

Are you hopelessly in love with someone? Then there is a good chance that you will lose your focus and have more concentration problems. People who are overly in love lose their sharpness. They become obsessed with that one person and prefer to be with that person all day long.

To be honest, love can really mess up your daily life. You get an increase in dopamine in your brain the moment you see your love again. This creates that euphoric feeling. Having such a feeling also has its own issues. One is that your judgment became affected and you will be unlikely to make concrete decisions.

To avoid this, you can try implementing the following measures

  • Do not react from emotions (but take your time before saying something or making decisions)
  • Don’t put her on a throne piece (acknowledge her negative sides too)
  • Do not become a YES but stand behind your principles (stay critical of yourself and her)
  • Don’t lose sight of your friends (sooner or later you’ll need them)

5. Fears

Everyone recognizes the fear of losing someone. Especially when you are madly in love with someone and you start to see that she doesn’t like you that way. At such a moment you can sink through the ground.

Hopeless love causes your testosterone level to drop. This can even lead to various issues such as panic and sweat attacks, depression, decrease in energy, less sex drive among others.

You can overcome these feelings by:

  • Consuming mineral zinc which is indispensable for a good testosterone balance (meat, eggs, shellfish, etc.)
  • Strength training (this is the way to increase your testosterone level)
  • Healthy lifestyle (no smoking, drinking less alcohol, etc.)
  • Check your stress (meditation exercises, constructive thinking, and putting things into perspective)
  • Date multiple women (and don’t get fixated on one woman until you’re in a relationship with her)

6. Sleep Problems

Hopeless infatuation can give any person sleepless nights. You always look forward to the moment when you can meet her again. You forget all the other things that matter.

The uncertainty literally drives you crazy and the hormones and neurotransmitters make you don’t sleep a wink. Side effects such as sleeping problems are not healthy for your body and mind.

Tips to combat sleep problems when in love include the following:

  • Read a good book to change your mind
  • Minimize light in the bedroom
  • Avoid sleeping times during the day
  • Do not drink caffeine or other energy-boosting drinks
  • Listen to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on Youtube

Well. This are some of the issues that occurs when you are madly in love with someone and how to tackle them easily.

What do you think?

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