7 Irresistible Traits of a Real Alpha Male

Most men would like to be an alpha male. An alpha male is a person who is in optimum form. He has attained self-realization and what is left for them is just finding the inner fulfillment in life.

In every man there is an alpha man, only it will never show itself for some. Alpha male is all about the masculine traits that differentiate a man from the other gender.

All women love an Alpha male because of their irresistible appeal which makes women fall in love with.

In this article, I will explain to you the most important irresistible traits and characteristics of a real alpha man.

7 Irresistible Traits of a Real Alpha Male

The following are character traits of an Alpha male that you should know

1. He’s Not Fixated on Validation

Seeking validation means that needy feeling one has when they have to be accepted by others and feel good within your social circle. Everyone suffers from it at some point. People with low self-esteem and low self-confidence often have this a lot. These are people pleasers who want to please other people because otherwise, they are afraid of not being liked anymore.

However, a true alpha male doesn’t need the approval of others in order to feel good about himself. He has rock-solid confidence and laughs at validation.

2. He Dares to Make Mistakes and Go for Success

Becoming an alpha man is not something you can become overnight. Yes, there are men who appear to be born with the right mix. These ‘naturals’ have many alpha qualities without ever thinking about them. Most men are not so lucky. They will have to work very hard to become an alpha male.

A real alpha male dares to make mistakes in his life. He grabs opportunities that he can seize regardless of the outcome. The day when you don’t make any more mistakes is the day when you won’t learn anything anymore.

3. He Goes Against the Current

Do you know that feeling that something is on the tip of your tongue but you don’t dare to speak it out? Developing and expressing your own opinion is a difficult task for many people. 

Unfortunately, we also have the opposite. There are people who would just have to have an opinion about everything without having any understanding of it.

Alpha male in this situation are people who will not always ride with the majority of the opinions. They just believe in themselves to an extent to where they just feel that they are not supposed to follow or accept anything that is suggested to them. They always have the will to either reject or accept something.

4. He Has Communication Skills

An alpha man also has good communication skills. Alpha male often speaks slowly with authority. They never speak in a hurry and are always in control of the conversation. An alpha man is not afraid to talk to and bind people. Moreover, people addressed by an Alpha male tend to be happy when they are addressed by him.

He is not afraid to strike up a conversation and speak up. In this way, there will be people who will be against him, but he doesn’t care at all, and people who are for him and will join him.

5. He is humourous

An alpha man has a great sense of humor. He can laugh at things and makes people around him laugh too. That is why people like to be around him because they will certainly have a good time.

An alpha male also communicates with good humor and is normally focused on the fun and positive things in life This always makes him contagious and it makes women feel good to be around him.

6. He Has His Own Frame of Reference

The alpha man has strong norms and values. He is open about this and will not just drop it. This means that he does not just take things from the masses, but rather draws his own conclusions.

The weaker man, on the other hand, prefers to walk safely behind the majority, because he himself does not have his own opinion.

Take the former US president Donald Trump as an example. People find him insane, superficial or genius. But no matter how much you disagree with Trump’s politically incorrect positions, you just can’t deny that he stands for his principles and doesn’t deviate an inch from them. You hate him or love him. He doesn’t care about criticism and is a thorn in the coat for the established order.

7. He is Physically Fit

What you often see is that an alpha male is not only mentally strong but also has a strong physical. And that is not surprising when you think about it. An alpha man is very concerned with his health, body and healthy eating. Sports also provide structure and discipline. This in turn helps them to be more focused in achieving their goals and ambitions.

So, are you an Alpha male?

What do you think?

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