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6 Secrets Women Want But Never Will Admit

Have you ever wondered what women want? Surely. It is the question that sooner or later will occupy every man.

What does a woman look for in a man? Is it about money? Could it be muscle mass or height? Or qualities such as humor and intelligence?

Every woman has her own taste when it comes to wanting a man. But also there are general things that all women would want from any man.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the secrets women want but will never admit to you.

6 Secrets Women Want But Never Will Admit

I am now going to answer the question of what a woman generally wants in her daily life and what the most important needs are.

1. Safety

Let’s go back to prehistoric times for a moment. Then, as now, women were on average much smaller and weaker than men. But at that time there was much more danger lurking. A woman and her descendants could become victims of predators and tribal violence. A woman at the time depended on a strong man with a stable personality for her safety and protection. It could mean the difference between survival and eradication of the genes.

Therefore, a woman needed the support and protection of a man who had both raw strength and social standing within a group. If a woman was in a relationship with a man of higher social status, she would also receive a higher social status (in addition to safety and protection).

This elevated status also gave her automatic access to all possible resources within a tribe, which in turn increased the chance of survival.

A woman can tell if you have a higher social status by looking at whether you get respect from your colleagues, for example, and how you are treated by your friends. [Read: Why women reject men]

Of course, nowadays women no longer have to fear dangerous predators, but social unrest and violence are always lurking. Think about the rising crime or an economic crisis.

You can communicate the feeling of security to a woman in several ways: 

  • Financial independence
  • Social status
  • Take responsibility
  • Stable personality
  • Dedication and loyalty
  • Physical strength
  • Determination

A woman wants to feel like she can fall back on you when she needs it. The feeling that you are there for her when she is sick or gets older.

2. A Woman Wants You To Take Responsibility

A man who takes responsibility and dares to make decisions is self-assured. All the men I know who are very successful with women all have one thing in common: They have a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Confidence is by far one of the most attractive qualities you can have as a man. A confident man is comfortable with who he is. As a result, they are also often strong in social interactions with women.

A confident man is not concerned with a woman’s opinion. They are steadfast and do not allow themselves to be fooled by others. They know exactly what they want. And this is why confident men are attractive to women. [Read: How to make a woman attracted to you]

Are you a little insecure and do you lack self-confidence when it comes to picking up women? Here are 5 tips for you to increase your self-confidence:

  • Don’t be led by outside pressure (disconnect yourself from your ego)
  • Fight your fears (normalize your fears)
  • Get started (practice certain skills)
  • Surround yourself with positive, trustworthy people
  • Work on your body (exercise increases self-confidence)

3. A Woman Wants to Feel Loved

For a woman, love and appreciation equals to feeling satisfied in a relationship. It is especially the small gestures that come from your heart that a woman loves. While it may be hard for a man to imagine, buying a bunch of flowers, washing the dishes, putting the children to bed, or helping to clean up are often small acts that are extremely important to a woman.

Show her that you think about her and that you appreciate her. When a woman feels loved, she will relax and open up and will also be more likely to take things from you.

Also, try to listen more often. A woman feels emotionally supported when you listen to her. It has been scientifically proven that men use 2000 words per day. A man mainly talks about facts and how something can be achieved.

Women, on the other hand, use an average of 7,000 words a day to communicate verbally. They use language as a way to express stress, create intimacy, and form a social bond with someone.

You can make a woman feel loved by using these tips.

  • Show affection (holding hands or hugging)
  • Make eye contact while listening
  • Be by her side when she’s angry with someone
  • Affirm her feelings
  • Offer help if you feel it is necessary
  • Show an interest in her daily life
  • Schedule something romantic every now and then

4. A Woman Wants to Chase Her Dreams

Are you happy with regularity and can you describe your weekly activities on one beer mat? Don’t let your life get too boring. 

Many men love structure and regularity. A woman too, up to a point. Women always tell me when I go to date with them what they wanted to do with their lives. Traveling around the world, a career abroad or maybe three or four children, and living on a farm, I have heard all kinds of stories.

And what struck me is that women crave passion and want to make something out of their lives. A woman wants to live a life with a man that is worth fighting for.

A woman is looking for a man who will add something to her life. You won’t be able to give her this if you watch TV for hours every day and only play computer games.

I’m not saying you should live like a James Bond, but doing something exciting and exhilarating together every now and then can’t hurt the relationship at all. Just make your life interesting and let a woman be a part of it.

You can make your relationship interesting and exciting by:

  • Watch television for a maximum of one hour a day
  • Go on vacation at least twice a year
  • Plan short city trips
  • Try out new sports or hobbies together
  • Learn a new language or skill
  • Provide more variety in your sex life
  • Get a pet
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Read interesting books
  • Redesign the house or garden together

5. A Woman Seeks a Man With Social Skills

If you pay attention to men who are good at picking up on women, you will see that they are lord and masters of social interaction. They openly flirt with women, seek attention, tease them properly, and know just how to make a woman feel special.

They possess a range of social skills that are extremely important for seducing women successfully. That said, women are much more sensitive when it comes to picking up on people’s emotions.

Did you know that the dreaded Israeli customs are making good use of this to counter-terrorism?

Women customs officers appear to be better able to recognize feelings and tensions in newly arrived passengers. This shows that women place great value on social skills. [Read: How to gain confidence with women]

If your thoughts and beliefs are not in line with your non-verbal body language, women will see through it very quickly.

Use these tips to help you improve your social skills:

  • Be aware of your own behavior
  • Watch your posture
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Let the other finish
  • Be honest without hurting the other
  • Radiate love (smile, be kind)

6. A Woman Craves Desire

What’s the biggest difference between the relationship with your partner and the relationship you have with other people? The difference is that you will always have sex with your partner.

Women want to feel desired by their husbands. She wants you to see her as a female sexually attractive being. This craving is so extreme in women that they even have fantasies of rape in their dreams.

One of her deepest secrets may be that she is found so irresistibly attractive by a man that he can no longer control himself. Realize that this is a fantasy that has NOTHING to do with forced sex in real life as the woman in the fantasy is always in control of the ‘rape’.

The bottom line is that women want passion and fire in their relationship. Do things that turn her on and try something new sexually on a regular basis.

What do you think?

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