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14 Subtle Flirting Signs From Women Every Man Should Know

According to studies, it has shown that men always have a disadvantage when it comes to knowing if women are flirting with them. Also, keep in mind that many men suffer from fear of approach and the fear of rejection from women.

Men tend to ignore most of the subtle flirting that women make. Anyway, they are called subtle for a purpose so it wont be possible for any man to understand them unless you continue reading what we have prepared for you.

On this article, you will learn how to recognize the subtle signals that women send to men as a sign of flirting.

14 Subtle Flirt Signs From Women Every Man Should Know

1. She raises her eyebrows.

One of the most famous women of all time who perfected eyebrow flirting was Marilyn Monroe. She knew better than anyone on how to seduce men with her body, especially her eyebrows.

But her non-verbal flirtation signals and facial expressions had an enchanting effect on men. The iconic sex symbol even had an affair with US President John F. Kennedy. 

Scientific research shows that raising the female eyebrows serves another evolutionary function. Women are able to widen their eyes by raising their eyebrows and eyelids.

So when talking to a woman, pay attention on her face when you are talking to her. If she looks at you with raised eyebrows and a smile, you can assume she’s interested in you.

2. She stares at you.

Imagine you enter into a club or a bar. Then while ordering a Martini, you notice several women staring at you. “Are they staring at me or not?” You have no idea whether they are flirting with you so you decide not to pay any attention.

When people meet for the first time, they make a quick judgment about each other based on what they see. Eye contact with a woman is one of the most obvious ways to find out if a woman is interested in you, without even exchanging a word with her.

So, when does it become clear to a man that a woman is staring at him and wants something from him?

According to American psychologists at Webster University of Illinois, they came up with a hypothesis for this question.

The research showed that most men are unable to understand the message of female eye contact. In almost all cases, male subjects did not pay attention to observe female eye contact.

If a woman wants to get a man’s attention she will have to stare at him for at least 2 to 3 seconds. According to psychologists, this look is long enough to be recognized by a man as a subtle flirtation signal.

As soon as a woman has caught your attention with eye contact, she will often combine this with raised eyebrows or a (shy) smile.

This is the subtle flirtation gesture that her non-verbal message is meant for you – and nothing else.

3. Dilating her pupils.

What part of the male body can grow up to three times the size when raised by a woman? And no, don’t say it’s your genitals. We are talking about your pupils here. It turns out that enlarged pupils are associated with emotional stimuli.

Research has shown that when men watch pornographic movies, their pupils dilate as much as three times as large. In women, the pupils appear to enlarge when they are exposed to photographs of mothers and babies for extended periods.

Babies and young children also have larger pupils than adults. Constantly dilating their pupils makes babies appear more attractive (cuter) and therefore receive more adult attention.

This is also why baby dolls and popular children’s toys often have large pupils. 

Now back to big pupils and attractiveness…

Have you sometimes heard people say that you should look into the other person’s eyes when you talk?

Actually, the thing they look at is the pupil rather than the eye itself. The pupil size of both men and women appears to be affected by the general state of arousal when they speak with others.

You read it right!

It turns out that a woman’s pupil size changes when she looks at something that stimulates her emotionally.

This psychological trick is also used in the advertising world. People seem to find fashion models more attractive when their pupils are enlarged. This proved to be an effective way to increase sales of women’s cosmetics.

Are you curious if your date finds you attractive?

Then pay more attention to her pupils. A woman who is attracted to a man will automatically dilate her pupils without even realizing it. You often only feel that you are communicating deeply with a woman when you look her eyes in the eyes.

4. The position of her eyelids.

If someone lowers their eyelids while talking, this says something about dominance or irritation towards the other. Researchers have found that different types of monkeys make exactly the same gestures when it comes to domination and annoyance. If a woman pinches her eyelids briefly while looking at you, this may indicate suspicion. She doesn’t trust you or totally disagrees with your opinion.

Of course, she may have some dirt in her lenses, so don’t be shocked if a woman frowns or lowers her eyelids.

What else can female eyelids tell you?

A woman who is flirting with you will move her lids and lashes up and down faster than she normally does.

5. Tense nostrils.

Have you ever watched a woman’s nose? Here I do not mean the length or the volume of her nose. Take a look at a woman’s nostrils when you’re on a date. The nostrils can tell you something about the state of arousal.

If a woman has tense nostrils, it could mean she’s excited and attracted to you.

Does she have tense nostrils, does she look piercingly and alternately in the eyes and at your lips?

Obviously, she is unconsciously preparing for the next physical step. It’s a sign that she likes you and that she wants to be kissed by you.

6. Look at her lips.

Do you suspect she likes you? Then look at her lips. A woman’s lips can communicate roughly two things when it comes to nonverbal body language:

  • Voltage
  • Sexual interest

This is because the lips are an erogenous zone that is very sensitive to touch and contact.

If a woman places her tongue on the corner of her mouth and then sexually licks her upper lip, she is consciously or unconsciously wanting to let you know that she is interested in you.

It could also be that she has chapped lips and doesn’t have Lip Gloss to hand, so don’t rush over the table to kiss her in such a situation.

Often times you will see women sending these multiple signals when it comes to their lips:

  • Applying lip gloss every half hour (watch for when she comes back from the toilet)
  • Rubbing her fingers on her lips
  • Biting her lips or wet her lips
  • Playing with a straw of her drink

Applying lip gloss once may not say much, but if she shows other subtle flirt signals from this post at the same time, then you know this woman is attracted to you.

7. Playing with her fingers.

A woman who is attracted to you will subconsciously use her fingers to caress her erogenous zones. If she is caressing her lips, hands, neck, or collarbone, then she wants to send a flirting signal that she wants you. This is often an effective way for a woman to draw your attention to these physical areas.

8. Leaning and touching.

You are in a packed club and you have hardly any space. Suddenly there is a tall guy with a pungent smell of sweat in front of you. You feel uncomfortable because it is in your own space!

Your aura is the personal space you need to feel good.

Every person needs about twenty to forty centimeters of free space to feel comfortable. If someone gets too close that we don’t like, we feel attacked and panic. But an attractive woman who invades your aura and rubs your ass leaves you in ecstasy.

If a woman takes every opportunity to touch you or leans in constantly, then you know she’s comfortable with you.

Do not freeze in such a situation, but make good use of this moment. Touch her too and see how far you can physically escalate it.

9. Exposing the wrist

Did you know that a woman can also send subtle flirting signals with her wrists? A slack wrist or the constant exposing of the wrists can be a sign of submission or vulnerability. Both women and gay men tend to do this when they are with someone they find attractive.

You also often see this on dates with hot women holding their cigarette with a twisted and exposed wrist.

10. She crosses her legs.

The famous scene from Basic Instinct movie in which Sharon Stone wears no underwear and crosses her legs is etched in the memory of many men. 

The lead actress did this for one simple reason: The male police officers became completely confused and were no longer able to question her effectively.

Are you on a date with a woman and not sure if she likes you? Look at the position of her legs!

When a woman crosses her legs, she exposes a large part of her thighs. With this, she quickly builds up sexual tension. This is a particularly good sign if her top leg is facing you.

A woman can also stroke her lower legs to draw attention to her legs even more. Just be careful not to stare at her attractive legs for too long. 

11. She’s lying to you

A woman can be a bit shy if she likes you or is in love with you. To put it in context, by lying I mean a lie for your own good. She won’t blatantly lie to you so that you realize she is a pathological liar.

On a first or second date, people naturally want to present themselves as well as possible. If you were to ask a woman how many bed partners she has had in her life, chances are she’s going to lie about it.

She doesn’t want to be seen as sexually dissolute. The motivation for men and women to lie is often different:

A man lies to appear more powerful, more interesting, and more successful to someone else. A woman lies mainly to protect the feelings of another or to make others feel better about themselves.

Did you catch her in a little lie that is not harmful? Then don’t go into it. Remember that she is lying to impress you. She wants you to like her!

12. She makes mirrored movements.

Do you notice that your date is constantly doing the same body movements as yours? Does she also laugh when you scream with laughter?

Good news!

She subconsciously registers and picks up your posture and movements. People who mirror each other feel intuitively connected to the other and quickly bond with each other. Mirroring is a good technique to use when flirting with women.

13. Her voice gets faster or higher.

Another way to tell if a woman likes you or is flirting with you is to listen to the tone and speed of her voice. If you are on a date with a woman and you notice that she speaks very quickly or swallows her words, she may be nervous or experiencing (sexual) tension.

Research shows that there is a relationship between a woman’s pitch and the period when she is most fertile. It turns out that during this period men find the female voice the most irresistible.

14. She giggles or laughs at you

How do you know if a woman is flirting with you? Have you never noticed that women giggle or laugh more often when they like you?

A woman who likes you or has a crush on you will often not giggle when she sees you. She smiles purely to make you feel good.

Women can laugh at your most stupid jokes that are actually not funny at all. At such a moment it doesn’t matter what you say, she likes everything that comes out of your mouth.

What do you think?

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