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7 Best Ways to Be Mysterious To Women And Became Irresistible

Did you know that being mysterious is a great way to arouse curiosity in women? To understand why women find mysterious men attractive, we need to understand the psychology behind it.

Women naturally become fascinated with men who cannot immediately comprehend them. If you remain mysterious, a woman will be more attracted to you because you are defiant and unpredictable.

7 Best Ways to Be Mysterious To Women And Became Irresistible


This will make a woman think about you more and more. You became a puzzle to her and does not how to figure it out.

There are several ways to get a woman’s attention and pique her curiosity. In this article, you will get 7 ways to be mysterious and make yourself irresistible to women.

7 Best Ways to Be Mysterious for Women.

1. Let her discover how wonderful you are.

There are a few things you should never do while dating a woman. Apart from winning her almost instantly, it is also not a wise idea to say how great you are. Bragging about yourself or showing off is an unattractive trait. And yet there are plenty of men who think this helps to hit on women.

The opposite is true.

With bragging, you communicate the opposite of what you actually mean to say. You show that you are desperate for appreciation and approval.

Moreover, you cannot seduce a woman in a logical way.

Women want to find out for themselves with their own communication skills whether you are really that special.

Don’t talk about how great you are, but give her time to discover you.

2. Look confident (or pretend) 

Getting more confidence with women is incredibly important. It not only makes flirting easier for women but also creates more appeal.

A man who is confident and shows his confidence is incredibly sexy to a woman. No woman wants to enter into a relationship with a man who is extremely insecure.

Self-confidence adds to the atmosphere of mystery.

Why that is so? The answer to that is quite simple.

Let’s example say the world-famous secret agent: James Bond. What makes James Bond so successful with women?

He has ice-cold confidence. His non-verbal body language radiates power and mystery. When he walks into a room, he goes straight for his goal. He’s not afraid of being rejected and doesn’t care what other people think of him. 

People interpret his non-verbal behavior as dominant and confident. This arouses awe and curiosity in women.

Wet panties guaranteed.

A woman who comes into contact with a confident man will ask herself things like:

  • Who is that mysterious man walking around here?
  • Why is he walking around here like nobody can hurt him?
  • Why is he so damn sexy?

If you want to radiate an aura of mystery like James Bond, it is important to appear confident to others.

So will you do that, even though you are very insecure about yourself?

Fake it till you make it!

If you’re not confident, at least pretend you are.

Changing something as simple as body language, say, can convince your mind that you have confidence.

Acting as if you are confident has two advantages:

If you practice this often enough, women will no longer realize that you are insecure and also you actually become more confident because you take action.

I can remember plenty of dates in the past where I was quite insecure at first and nervous. Yet that same evening I went into bed with the most beautiful women because I decided to persevere despite all my doubts.

So what you need is to work your confidence up and start approaching women fast. [Read: Charater traits of an alpha male]

3. Stay mysterious by being unpredictable.

One of the best ways to be mysterious to women is to be unpredictable. 

“Be unpredictable? So just don’t show up when you have a date or something? ”

Well no. If you do then I can assure you it will end up being single forever. Don’t confuse being unpredictable to women with being unreliable.

Let me tell you a story…

I knew a man who always kept his promises and did everything for his wife. He never left with his friends and always stayed at home neatly. His wife only had to look at the clock and she knew where he was from.

He was a good man who gave his full attention and affection to his wife. In his eyes, he was the perfect man. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted less than five years. His wife appeared to have cheated on a colleague.

When they argued about this, his wife bitterly replied to him that she didn’t want this boring life anymore.

Do you see where it went wrong?

This man did not provide enough stimulation and challenge for his wife. He aroused too few emotions in her. As soon as a woman feels that she no longer has to fight for him, she starts to have doubts. 

Being too predictable kills the sexual attraction. It’s nonsense to think that you should always be there for her when she calls or needs you. This makes you clingy.

People just love people who are difficult to fathom. If you are available to her all the time, you will be less valuable to her.

Tips that can keep you unpredictable:

  • Determine the time you want to spend on a woman
  • Not always available when she wants to meet you
  • Dare to live without needing the consent of others
  • Don’t call her back right away if she called you

Never lose sight of your own priorities in life at the expense of another. Whether it’s your third date or a six-month relationship.

4. Don’t be an open book.

Don’t tell your date everything. Especially at the beginning of your dating phase. It is important that you pay attention to this.

The fact that you are thrilled and are happy with her does not mean that you have to tell her your whole life story in the first hour of the meeting.

Being an open book makes you boring and predictable. Talking less is always better. A good storyteller makes the listener guess and waits in suspense for how the story ends.

Be candid but never reveal all the details. Don’t give everything away to her right away. You can be a mystery to her by not letting go of everything immediately.

Give her the chance to find out who you are. Keep it short and sweet and your date will do her best to learn more about you. [Read: How to tell if a woman is interested with you]

Of course, you can talk about personal matters when she asks you a question, but don’t give out too much information at once.

It is even better to answer her questions she asks you with humor. Make her laugh and leave the answer to the question in the middle.


Woman: But tell me. Surely you date more often through online dating?

You: You should know! I have two more scheduled tonight. So if you don’t mind then I don’t want to make it too late.

5. Control your emotions 

Do you know that feeling? You see a woman and find her attractive. But you just don’t get it, you can’t read it. That is exactly why you find this woman even more interesting and you start talking to her.

She first gives a very positive reaction to you and is nice and sweet to you. Then suddenly it seems like she is no longer interested in you at all.

You have no idea why, but you just want this woman! Men can have the same effect on women and become interesting as a result.

I had a nice drink with a woman last week. We had a nice conversation and she asked me how I feel about women and how I treat women. She said she was just very curious.

So I asked her why she was so curious. Then she said she finds interesting people attractive. She explained that I was interesting because she could not properly gauge me.

She said she enjoys reading people’s minds and finding out what they are like. And that this did not work at all for me.

I had to laugh and said that I heard this often. Apparently, I am quite capable of controlling my emotions.

So below are some tips that I use to control my emotions and can help you too:

  • Always stay cool and calm (even when people treat you badly)
  • Don’t raise your voice in a discussion (this looks weak)
  • Show people that their words don’t affect your mood
  • Do not start unnecessary discussions with people if there is no reason to do so

Men who are successful with women have one thing in common, that is, they are in complete control of themselves and are difficult to fathom. This makes them mysterious and puzzling, which is what many women find attractive.

6. Don’t give her too much attention. 

I know you have seen this before. A woman falling with a man who thinks less of him. Sometimes you even wonder whether such a relationship would last long.

How is it possible that so many women fall for bad boys? Besides the fact that bad boys are often sexually attractive, there is also something else at play. Bad boys are unpredictable, dominant, and cannot be controlled.

Many women are naturally caring and sensitive people. They have a natural urge to change men and make them happy.

A woman who falls for the wrong man thinks she can change him, but will hardly ever succeed.

A man with a bad boy character usually does things differently. He does this in two different ways:

a) Physical: By being dominant and letting her keep in suspense what is going to happen.

 b) Emotional: He cannot be fathomed. She does not understand him. One minute he’s very sweet to her and the next he’s a terrible bastard.

The bad boy brings out feelings in a woman that she cannot resist. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster that she doesn’t want to get out of.

These kinds of relationships sound nice on paper, but they are doomed to fail.

What can you learn from a bad boy (without being an asshole)? [Read: How to improve physical appearance overnight and attract more women]

Give her mixed signals.

By mixed signals, I mean that you seek rapprochement and alternate that with distance.


  • You have a great time with each other on a date. But on the phone or WhatsApp, you are a bit short and superficial.
  • With a smile, tell her that you only want to be friends after you kiss her
  • Ask for her number and then wait a day before sending a message.

By sending these kinds of mixed signals, she has NO idea what you want and it will only make her think about you more.

However, there is a BUT to sending mixed signals:

You shouldn’t be elusive for TOO long because the women will start to think you are seriously not interested in her or think you don’t know what you want.

7. Behave differently from other men

What is also striking about mysterious men is that they are all unique in their own way. They don’t care what others think or perceive of them.

People are unable to recognize your behavior because you exhibit stubborn and arbitrary behavior. It sounds more complicated than it is.

So let me give you an example:

You are invited to a party that starts at 20:00 in the evening. The majority of the people will be present between 20:00 and 22:00 because this is expected of them. After two hours people will start wondering where you are. They would not be sure if you would come or not.

They become curious and start calling or texting you. Suddenly you are in the living room without prior notice.

For the people who have been talking to each other in the same room for three hours, you are a new topic of conversation and a new face.

Friends will embrace you and greet you exuberantly. Women who don’t know you will immediately notice your presence and wonder who it is. You make them curious. Who is that wayward man?

By behaving slightly differently, you will be noticed much faster by people.

Make sure that this does not turn into negativity so you will need to choose your moments carefully.

What do you think?

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