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How To Quickly Find a Girlfriend – 6 Simple Steps

“I want a girlfriend…I am looking for a girlfriend.” Are these the thoughts circulating in your head? If the answer is yes, then this article is written for you. In this post, I’ll give you statistically proven tips for meeting, picking up, and making the woman of your dreams become your girlfriend.

How to Quickly Find a Girlfriend – 6 Simple Steps

1. Increase Your Chances With Online Dating

Mathematical calculations allow us to see almost anything in a new way, even something as mysterious as love. Let me give you a tip that will help you find your true love faster with online dating.

How do you, as a normal man, get success on dating sites and apps like Tinder, OKCUPID, and Badoo?

Let’s grab the website Badoo.

Badoo is among the top sites where you can easily find and get a girlfriend. Using this dating app, a user is able to locate women who are near your location. All you have to do is create a profile and the app will locate your region and list all potential women surrounding you.

2. Mathematical Formula To Find Your Dream Partner

Any man who has been successful in hooking up with women comes to a point where he wonders when is the right time to settle down. When do I go for long-term happiness and a committed relationship?

Obviously, it’s not a good idea to stick with the first best date because she’s simply showing some interest in you. But at the same time, you don’t want to keep dating for years either. There will come a time when you want to settle down.

But how do you know when it’s time to settle down with all those potential dates out there? We have an abundance of attractive single women today which doesn’t make it any easier.

The mathematician Dr. Hannah Fry from the University of London came up with a handy formula for this. This formula is based on the ‘optimal stopping theory’ of psychologist Neil Bearden.

This formula works like this: 

Suppose you started casual dating from the age of 15 and still wanted to be in a steady relationship by the age of 35.

Now there are X number of people who you could potentially date during your lifetime and they also vary in suitability.

The fact is, once you start dating, you can’t look back to the women you could possibly have dated anymore. That is also the main reason why many womanizers have difficulty settling down.

It’s that persistent fear of commitment where one feels that carefree freedom will disappear once a serious monogamous relationship is entered into.

In addition to looking ahead into the future, once in a relationship, you cannot go back to your old nostalgic dates.

Women don’t like it that much when they are abandoned by someone else and you suddenly find yourself on their doorstep after years.

In other words, once you decide to get into a relationship with a nice woman, there are other things that you have to give up at the same time.

Making the right choice when entering into a relationship is therefore wise.

It also puts being dumped by women – who, in retrospect, you didn’t like that much at all – in a different perspective.

Dr. Hannah Fry advises you to put everyone aside as a serious partner for the first 37% of your dating time.

After that, you should choose female dates that you think are better than the women you have dated until then.

You simply use the first group of women as ‘reference material’ .

It has been mathematically shown that if you start looking at your dates this way, you have the best chance of eventually finding a partner that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, this method also involves some risks:

Your perfect partner can be in the first 37%

So you run the risk of disapproving her and never meeting such a nice woman in your life again.

Imagine the first 37% of the women you’ve dated are incredibly boring or obnoxious. But that the next date you have is just a little less annoying and annoying than anyone you’ve dated before.

If you were to follow the mathematical method literally, you run the risk of entering into a relationship with a woman who is slightly less irritating.

While the Optimal Stopping Theory cannot guarantee a hundred percent dating success, there is no other mathematical strategy that can do it better.

It not only teaches you to recognize relationship material and eventually find a valuable girlfriend, but it also gives you some time to get better at picking up women.

With this method, you can enjoy your single life while your friends immediately plunge into their first best relationship and end up completely miserable.

3. Flirting Women in the Pub

Picking up women while going out requires a different approach than online dating. It depends entirely on the discos and clubs whether you are going to get a cute woman or not.

In addition, flirting women in the bar and nightclub has both advantages and disadvantages.

If a disco is too loud, without really places to talk, then it becomes a lot more difficult, or you have to dance.

At some bars, people are very spread out and people come in groups to talk to each other and not to outsiders.

In principle, it is also best to avoid these bars.

What in my experience is the best place to meet women at night is a kind of combination between a bar and a disco. In such places there is sound and lights, but not so much that you cannot have a conversation.

There are more often women on the dance floor who are looking for contact. You can dance with these women for a while, but the best part is that you can take them to a quieter place to talk in these bars.

At bars and discos, it is best to test where people are most social.

You may find that in some bars, people are ready to socialize and talk to each other and in others, they spit in your face so to speak.

An advantage of meeting women at night is that alcohol is involved, this is also a disadvantage.

The advantages of this are that if you drink alcohol you have less fear of approach. Women themselves are also looser because they drink alcohol.

This makes them easier to flirt them.

The disadvantages are that you can think less logically and so can the women.

This can make stupid mistakes, a woman can lose her attention, or it is more difficult to have a conversation with a woman.

If you want to have sex quickly, it is best to find women when going out, because of alcohol and other reasons women give in to temptation more quickly.

A disadvantage of meeting women when going out is that they are constantly talking and chatting with other, you have a lot of competition.

Rest assured, the other men say almost the same thing to the women hence have a little chance of winning them.

The disadvantage of women being approached so much is that they are less likely to give you a chance.

For this reason, it is wise to start a conversation indirectly.

You initiate a conversation in a way that is not suspected of hooking up to her.

4. Friendship is Prohibited  

Once you have met a nice girl, it is important that you keep picking up on her. You want to see every date between you as a new date.

So don’t think you can burp and fart on the third date because she likes you anyway.

Save that kind of antics for once you’re in a relationship (although in my experience they often don’t really appreciate it.

In the meantime, keep flirting and make sure she goes home feeling great every time and likes nothing more than texting you and wanting to meet up.

Also, don’t act like some kind of her best friend. Your goal is to flirt her. There is no middle ground.

It might be a failure or a glorious victory.

This approach prevents you from dating unnecessarily long with little relational potential.

5. Meet Regularly

A relationship can only succeed if you also see each other regularly. If you don’t do this, you run the risk that your attraction will disappear like snow in the sun or another man will run off with your date.

Once a woman likes you, she wants to see you regularly. At one night stands we often see that it is a one-time meeting.

This is often not so much for a woman because a woman does not care about a one-night stand, but she cares more about the way you communicated to her.

If you make it clear to her in all kinds of ways that it is was a one-time pleasure, she will reason it that way and draw her conclusions.

There are several things you can do to make sure that it won’t be a one-time one-night stand:

  • Make it personal (glimpse who you are)
  • Exchange numbers with each other (for a continuation)
  • Make a proposal to see her again soon (cup of coffee)
  • Communicate that it’s not all about sex

With this, you can be sure that she likes you and it can be a catalyst for you two to become lovers.

6. Hold the Strings

During the dating process, it is important that you do not lose yourself completely with the other person. As a man you always want to stay in control and stay yourself.

Not only because you then become less dependent on your dates and relationships, but also because you are teaching yourself not to always walk on your toes.

The one who has the most to lose is the one who is most dependent.

Once women find themselves losing control and your attention, they will try harder to get that back.

They get desperate and become obsessed. She will think about you every minute of the day. They completely lose themselves.

It’s a powerful way to get a woman obsessed.

Tips for staying in control:

  • Wait a little longer with reaction time
  • Set yourself priorities (focus on work and sports)
  • Divide your free time (also pay attention to friends and family)
  • Show competition (flirt with other women in front of her)
  • Stay mysterious (don’t tell her right away what you feel about her)
  • Good sex (being dominant and paying attention to the afterplay)
  • Don’t force yourself (if you call her and she doesn’t answer, don’t call her again)


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