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7 Reasons Why She Blocks/Ignores You On Whatsapp or Tinder

 You got a nice match on Tinder. She responds immediately and enthusiastically to your opening banter and the chat conversation goes quite smoothly.

You hope to be able to date this girl soon and thereafter exchange phone numbers with her. But then the inevitable happens and you suddenly don’t get a response from her.

The chat conversation between you and her stops immediately.

You start asking yourself questions like ‘why is she not responding anymore’ and ‘why is she suddenly ignoring me’.

If you are familiar with this kind of issue, then this article will are going to list down the reasons why a woman will ignore your Whatsapp messages and how you can prevent this from happening anymore.

7 Reasons Why She Blocks and Ignores You on Whatsapp or Tinder

1. You don’t know how to keep her attention.

When it comes to social media, women tend to have a much lower concentration so you will need to keep up in your conversation. 

This means that you will have to convince her that you are worth chatting with. The one thing that you will need to avoid is copy-pasting stuff or using old opening lines to start a conversation.

For example, I remembered I used to write a message and then would send the same message to different women at once on Tinder. Sadly I was punished when I accidentally sent a message containing another woman’s name.

You can keep the attention of a woman by checking their profile name. If they have included a bicycle in their profile you can start a conversation with it. For example, you can say “Hey!, that’s a nice bike. What model is it”

2. You fail her tests.

Men can still write a cool bio on their profiles, if something is not true, sooner or later you will fall through the basket.

Whether you approach a woman in the pub or via Tinder or WhatsApp, she will always want to know if you are strong in your shoes. One of the things a woman can do is try to elicit responses from you using a test.

Women love tests to tease you and to see if you really are who you say you are. Suppose she asks you out of the blue if you have more Tinder dates. What do you say then?

Are you worried that you will come across as a player and say you never do Tinder dating? Or are you making a good comeback and giving her a reaction (with a wink) that she doesn’t expect from you at all?

Tip: The trick is to always be relaxed with her reaction. You will achieve nothing by panicking and feeling insulted.

Pretend you don’t care what she says to you: take it or leave it mentality.

Not only will she secretly appreciate a direct answer from you, but you also show that you are not afraid of a possible rejection.

And that is attractive again!

3. You act like a pervert.

Flirting on Tinder is fun, but always light! Don’t come across as a stalker or creep who hasn’t had sex in months.

Women ignore men in Tinder and Whatsapp because there is a large group of men who behave like pervs while chatting with women online. These kinds of men would write emotional love messages without even knowing the person they are chatting with.

Women on Tinder have the option of choosing hundreds of men so she will block you as soon as she noticed that you are a stalker.

Things you have to avoid when on Tinder:

  • Say you would like to have sex with her
  • That you think she’s the most beautiful woman on Tinder
  • That you don’t understand why she matched you
  • Always be immediately available to her
  • Constantly asking to meet while resisting

4. You’re a boring dude.

Let talk about Trump. Every person knows Trump. Why do you think there were two motions to impeach Trump as a president?

It is because he does not hide his opinion. When he was the president, the Democrats first filed a petition to impeach him because of his acts. Also when he lost the election to Biden there was also a motion to impeach him again.

Yes, it is certainly true that millions of people are disgusted by him, but at the same time, he is also adored by millions of Americans.

With his controversial opinion, he knows how to touch everyone. Even his enemies can’t stop talking about him.

And that’s the way you should see it with women on Tinder and WhatsApp. Women are bored with dull women on Tinder.

If these guys are allowed to go on dates, they almost always fall into the friend zone.

5. You are not working toward meeting her.

I know men who are addicted to Tinder and WhatsApp. They chat with women all day long. If you ask them how many women they’ve dated in the past few weeks, they won’t be able to answer you.

It’s nice that you have online conversations with women, but it is of no use if you don’t actually meet.

Women will not chat with you forever. There will come a day when a woman will ignore or block you on Tinder or WhatsApp simply because you don’t take any action.

What you need to bear in mind is that always work towards haveing a date with her!

You can try this after chatting for at least thirty messages. Try to propose a date and see how she will respond.

Here is an example on how you can request a date with her:

You: So you are never embarrassed on the dance floor?;)

Woman: Are you asking if I’m good at dancing? Ha! I’ve been dancing since I was sixteen. Now you again!

You: People can make a lot of claims on the internet. There’s only one way to really find out;) * reaching out to you for this weekend *.

Woman: Haha you will soon know about it. Let’s see if I would be free on Saturday evening!

Tip:  If the situation leads itself to this, always end your message with something that can lead to an actual meet-up.

6. She does not respond to you.

While you are chatting with this woman, it reaches a point where she no longer responds to your messages. Of course, maybe she is kind of busy and she might be partly chatting with you. But if there is a consistent trend of leaving your conversation hanging then it means she is ignoring you.

Most of the time women will stop responding to your texts if you lack conversation ideas. If you have no conversation ideas then you can look at his profile information or picture and look for anything interesting.

For example, you see a picture of her in Paris, then you ask her if she loves to travel. Then ask further and make it personal.

Say you love women who want to discover the world and you dislike women who just hang out on the couch every day. It shows that you have a standard and that you do not want to meet up with just any woman.

7. You are bombing her with useless messages.

Some guys never know when to stop texting. If a woman takes longer time to respond to your messages, then you know something is up. 

There might be some reasons for it. Maybe she has met another man or maybe she is tired of you. If she stops replying to your messages or she takes much longer time to respond to a message does not mean that you have the right to bomb her with a message every 5 minutes.

You can use the following ways if someone takes much longer time to respond to your messages

  • Mirror her reaction!
  • Don’t send long messages if she only sends you two sentences.
  • Also, do not respond immediately if it has taken her 4 hours to reply to you.

What do you think?

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