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11 Signs That Tell You She Likes You and Is In Love With You

In my relationship blogs, I always get regular questions like “how do you know if she likes you?” and “how do you know if she is in love with you?” in our mailbox.

Picking up women would be a lot less complicated if we could read women’s minds more easily. Fortunately, you can get a lot of information from the signals that women send you when they like you or are in love with you.

Not sure what her mixed signals on the one that you actually love mean?

This article will make you discover which signals can tell you with certainty whether a woman is in love with you.

Signal 1. She shows you that she is single.

If I have learned anything from interacting with women over the years, it is that women send different signals to you. One of those signs is that they want to let you know that they are single.

Of course, they only do this if they find you nice and attractive.

The reason a woman hints that she’s single is that she doesn’t want you to think she might have a boyfriend. That way she tries to remove as many objections as possible from you so that you can flirt her freely.

By the way, you can also make a statement to elicit such reactions from her. If you’re talking to a woman in a bar for a few minutes, you can ask her a question like:

“And what are you doing here so late at night? Does your boyfriend allow you to stay away from home alone for so long?”

If she then says something like these:

“Haha .. no I don’t have one! I don’t have to answer anyone if that’s what you mean…”

“No. I just sleep at home alone tonight.”

Then you know that the traffic light is on GREEN to flirt with her.

Signal 2. She wants to know everything about you.

Ask yourself the following question:

If a woman doesn’t like you, would she ask you a lot of personal questions? The correct answer is: of course not!

If a woman isn’t interested in you, she’ll care less about who you are or what you do. So what does it mean when she is constantly asking personal questions about your life?

It simply means that she likes you and wants to know more about you!

If a woman is talking to a man she likes, she will do everything to know more about him. She will try to find out if you really are who you say you are.

Tip: If your date gets a friend request on Facebook, add her in a separate restricted list. She can’t go through your entire timeline and history this way.

Signal 3. She forgets the time when she is with you.

It is just afternoon. Your date has arrived home, takes off her coat, and falls on the couch. “How time flew by quickly tonight! Wow. A really nice guy! ” she thinks to herself.

A woman who likes you or is in love with you will not worry about time. By that I mean she won’t be staring at her phone or watch all the time. Also, your date will not use excuses to leave.

She forgets everything that is happening around her. If a woman likes you, she only has an eye for you and no one else.

You can test a woman by making the following comment during the date:

“Gosh, it’s already 11pm! I don’t want you to be late for class tomorrow. Maybe we better do this again next time”

If she responds to this with something like:

“No dude, don’t worry, I still have some time. Besides, I can dream that lesson of tomorrow. Or you must want me out haha.”

Then you know you’re in the right place!

Signal 4. She wants to impress you.

What do we do when we like someone? Actually, we always try to impress that person.

If a woman likes you or has a crush on you, she will want to seek approval from you. She will do her best to appear to you as best she can. A woman can do this in several ways:

  • Dress sexy
  • Look attractive
  • Extensive for your cooking
  • Telling a lot about themselves

If a woman says a lot of positive things about herself, she’s probably trying to impress you. That way, she seeks approval and wants to impress you.

OK, sometimes you just have a chatty girl who likes to talk about herself (some women have this character)

In that case, you’re out of luck.

But in most cases, a woman will want to impress you and by the end of the day she would just realize that she knows little facts about you.

Signal 5. She touches you constantly.

Touch a complete stranger on the street and she will probably tell you (in a not so friendly way) to stay away from her. But if a woman is constantly touching you, then you know she likes you or is secretly in love with you.

A woman will only touch a man when she is comfortable with him. Subtle touches are a sign that she is attracted to you.

If she has a constant need to touch you, this is a sign that she is flirting with you. She enjoys your presence and has the need to touch you.

Tip: If she touches you frequently, always go along with this and build up the sexual tension between you.

Signal 6. She won`t leave you alone on Whatsapp.

Long live modern technology!

When chatting on WhatsApp with a woman, you can quickly find out if she likes you or is in love with you.

How do you know if she likes you?

Does she constantly send you messages or is she always the first to restart the conversation?

Then you can bet she’s crazy about you! Obviously, she is constantly thinking of you and cannot suppress her thoughts.

Women who like you or are in love with you will text you in the morning.

The first thing she thinks about is you!

I’ll give you a tip on how to know if she likes you via WhatsApp…

Just as a joke, don’t respond to a woman’s message for 24 hours and she will become very insecure. She panics and wonders why you’re not returning anything. Her mind will pop up with questions like;

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Does he still like me?”

“What would he be doing now?”

After 24 hours, send him a message like nothing is wrong. Just a normal text like;

Hey.. how sweet that you think of me. Have been very busy. I haven’t forgotten you yet, don’t worry;)

With such a message you create two things:

  • She is relieved and glad that you spoke up.
  • She will try to decipher every word of yours: why does he write “not yet?”

In this way you make a woman addicted to you.

Signal 7. She troubles you in the middle of the night.

This signal is recognizable to any man who is successful with women. If you regularly date and hook up with women, you will notice that women start WhatsApp or call you in the middle of the night.

Sometimes they send you a sexy selfie or a message asking if you’re still awake. Women do this especially on weekends when alcohol is involved and they are less able to suppress their emotions and sexual needs.

Women often have more sex drive after drinking alcohol. She starts to get bored with their friends and wants to find out if you want to meet her.

Sometimes it takes some exciting WhatsApp messages to get her to your house, but in most cases, women invite themselves.

Signal 8. She is jealous of other women.

No idea if you notice, but women can be very jealous when they are in love with you. They see any woman who talks to you or looks at you as competition.

Just flirting with other women a little bit can elicit strong feelings from her. Jealousy in a woman is a clear sign that she likes you.

She gets extra motivated to pick up on you. You can make a woman jealous in several ways. One of them is by using your smartphone. Whatsapps from other women or Tinder messages is a devious way to make your date jealous of you.

What you do is openly put your smartphone on the table so that your date notices that you are getting messages from other women.

By the way, don’t do this trick too often because she’ll think you’re not interested in her.

Another way to make her jealous is to make her see you with other women. For example, invite another woman to go shopping together and walk past the store where your Tinder date works.

Take a selfie together and throw it on Facebook or Tinder.

Do this somewhat sensibly: being in the picture together with a French kiss is overkill.

Signal 9. She is making constant eye contact.

When a woman likes a man, she tends to make eye contact and stare at him constantly. It’s that look of quiet desire and irresistible attraction.

The funny thing is that a woman does not notice this at all when she likes you and is in love with you.

Signal 10. She playfully teases you.

Do you remember falling in love with a cute girl in elementary school? We pulled the girls by the hair and they playfully challenged the boys in turn. It’s the ‘girls tease kisses, questions’ statement.

Actually, we didn’t really know what we were doing, but we certainly liked it! This principle still applies today, albeit in a somewhat different way.

Seducing and repelling a woman is one way to quickly create attraction. Women do exactly the same as men.

How do you know if she is in love with you?

A woman can make a teasing comment on a date to provoke you and build maximum tension.

They also play around with us and use this as an excuse to make physical contact.

Is she constantly teasing you and making naughty or false comments? Then that means he’s flirting with you!

Signal 11. She craves clarity.

How do you know if someone likes you? If you’ve been on a few dates with a woman and she keeps reaching out to you…

Then you can bet that a woman likes you! Sooner or later she will want to know what is the relation between you and her.

That is her way of making it clear to you that she is ready for the next step. Only then can you start talking about a relationship.

What do you think?

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