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5 Reasons Why You’re Still a Virgin and Don’t Have a Girlfriend

Sex and relationships: these are things that are incredibly beautiful when you have them, and terrible and terrible if you luck them. Imagine half of all songs in the world are about how beautiful love is, and about the other half is about sex. If you’ve never had these things, it can be very frustrating as you are constantly reminded of what exactly you are missing in your life.

If you are still a virgin, you might wonder how this happened exactly. What exactly is wrong with you? What exactly are you doing wrong? How do you make sure that a woman finally wants to sleep with you? You keep asking yourself these kinds of questions, but the answers don’t come.

We have come up with reasons that are making you not have a girlfriend and probably not to have sex.

Reason 1: You are too eager and desperate.

You`ve clicked this article, so chances are you’ve been trying to get into bed with a woman for a long time. I understand that this can make you think that you have ended up in a hopeless situation and that you are therefore a bit desperate. Although I understand that reaction, however, this will make you have little chances in women.

Despair is a very natural reaction, but it is also a fairly unattractive trait. If you show that you are desperate and seem just a little too eager to have sex, what kind of signal are you sending out to a woman? If you ask me, I will say you are sending signals that you are not worth it because you almost have to beg her to have sex with you.

People simply want to have what they cannot have. So if you immediately act very eager, it will be a lot less exciting for a woman. You will then be a lot less attractive to her. Hopefully, I don’t have to explain that this will keep her from having sex with you. This will keep you a virgin for a long time.

Reason 2: You don’t take good enough care of yourself

As mentioned before, as a reader of this article, chances are that you may have given up a little bit of courage that you will never maybe be able to have a girlfriend again. This can lead to despair, but it can also make you stop making an effort. Thoughts like “I will probably still be a virgin, so why should I try my best?”

I also understand this line of thought, but this will not benefit your chances either. If at some point you stop making an effort, you probably won`t take care of yourself anymore. Your hair is messy, your clothes are old or don’t fit properly, your body odor is slightly out of control, but hey, you probably never going to get a woman anyway.

With that, you will never succeed in any way, I certainly dare to confirm. No woman will find it attractive that you look like a bum. If you want a woman to find you attractive, you better make sure you look good. You can never redo a first impression!

Reason 3: You don’t dare to approach women

You often hear people say that confidence is the most important weapon you need on the love path. I can really only agree with that. If everyone was too shy to talk to each other, then no one would ever know that they find each other attractive, and no one would ever have sex again. So a little courage is very important if you are still a virgin.

I can tell you that it is therefore very important that you dare to address women, but if you do not dare, then I have not actually helped you much further with that. You probably know that you have to approach a woman to have any chance with her. But sometimes the fear of rejection is just so strong that you can’t get it done.

This is actually not that strange; this fear of rejection can be explained very well through biology. To the brain, rejection feels much the same as physical pain, and as a survival mechanism, humans have learned to avoid pain hundreds of millions of years ago.

So your brain is actually actively working against you when it comes to love.

How do you gain confidence?

Getting over this fear is very important, and the only way to do it is to just talk to women more often. The first time, that rejection will hurt quite a bit, but you will notice that it decreases every time. At some point, there will be a woman who will like you. At that point, it will all have been worth it.

A woman is really not going to suddenly smell that you want to have sex with her.

The first time you need to talk to a woman, it may help to convince yourself that you have nothing to lose. Right now you are lonely and still a virgin, but if she rejects you, the situation will not suddenly get worse. So you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain, so it is well worth the risk.

I understand that with that knowledge it will not be easy to take that first step, but eventually, you will have to find a way to force yourself to do so, otherwise, you will always be alone. Courage isn’t something everyone enjoys, but you can build it up slowly, so this isn’t an excuse to spend the rest of your life lonely.

Reason 4: You don’t dare to take the last step

As I just mentioned, there are a lot of people who simply don’t dare to speak to women, so they never come into contact with women and therefore never have sex. Although this is of course annoying, it is clear here exactly where the problem lies: these men will just have to gather their courage to talk to a woman once, and then their problem will eventually solve itself.

It becomes more difficult when you are actually quite sociable, also with women. You can therefore also speak to women and have a conversation. Sometimes you also have the idea that she might like you, and you are also interested in her. An ideal situation, you might think, but you don’t dare to take that last step.

A conversation can be so much fun, but a conversation alone will never suddenly lead to sex. For this, you have to take the plunge at some point and take that one last step. This can be done by, for example, inviting her to your home, or by kissing her. Of course, do this with some communication in advance, you cannot just pick her up in the middle of a conversation.

Maybe you don’t even dare to hold her by the hand or shoulder, because you actually find that a bit too scary.

You have to take that last step!

While this situation is different from the one I mentioned before, the solution is very similar. In the end, you will just have to take the plunge and make it clear to her that you like her. If you don’t communicate that you like or attracted to her, nothing will likely happen. This is because women rarely take the first step.

If you find this a little uncomfortable, then you can show it off. When you do this in a bit of a charming way, a lot of women actually like it. For example, you can just say that you are not very good at those kinds of conversations, but that you actually really like her, and then ask for her number. Many men find it easier if they don’t have to pretend that this is going to happen very easily, and they don’t have to.

Reason 5: You are too aggressive

The previous two cases were both about men who were too shy and could never have sex with a woman for that reason. However, the opposite problem can also arise. If you act too aggressively, this can also cause you to scare women, and therefore not likely to have sex.

Many men have been given the idea by retarded “dating coaches” and “pick-up artists” that men should be as aggressive as possible if they want to pick up a woman. For example, a certain piece of shoddy work that I wouldn’t call a book, “The Game,” talks about something called “negging.” This basically involves bullying a woman so that she would like you.

I shouldn’t have to explain that this doesn’t work, but apparently, it is necessary anyway. If you just don’t act like a hell of a dick, then you’re in the right place.

What do you think?

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