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5 Attractive Traits for Becoming a Real Man

Are you happy with your love life? Are you trying to improve on it or you just reap rejection after rejection from women, and you wonder what you’re actually doing wrong? If this is the case, it could just be that women reject you because they don’t think you are manly enough.

If a woman is into men, she will probably be looking for a real man. Probably there are simply some masculine traits that you don’t naturally possess, which make women prefer another man to you, leaving you alone night after night.

In this article, I will try to show you how to overcome these challenges by giving you 5 bulletproof traits that will transform you into a real man.

Habit 1: Confidence

If you have to get down to the core of picking up a woman, it actually comes down to conviction. You need to convince a woman that you are worthwhile, and that she is, therefore, more than happy to spend more time with you. Basically, it is a form of selling, where you are both the seller and the product.

As any successful salesperson will tell you, is that you must believe in the product you sell, or you should at least seem as if you believe in this product. If a potential customer can already see that the salesperson himself is not actually behind his sales pitch, why would that customer believe that sales pitch? 

This principle also applies when it comes to flirting. If you want to convince a woman that you are worth it, then you had better show some confidence. If she can see from you that you don’t consider yourself worthwhile, she will soon stop taking you seriously.

“You don’t buy an apple from the greengrocer if he looks at that apple with a dirty face.”

That is of course very easy to say, but self-confidence is not something you can just decide you have. If you don’t really have that much confidence in yourself at all, you can’t simply decide to have a more positive opinion of yourself, because that’s just not how opinions work.

It is possible to work on your self-confidence. You can do this, for example, by challenging yourself more. If you can overcome things that you have always feared and were afraid to do, then you will end up with a more positive image of yourself. You can then also radiate that image to others. [Read: How to gain confidence with women]

If you really have more serious self-image issues, then therapy might be a solution. I know a lot of men think of therapy as something crazy, and something they will absolutely never need. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you now manage to swallow your pride, and ultimately end up with a positive self-image, then you really will not regret it afterward! In my opinion, that jump is more than worth it.

Incidentally, radiating self-confidence is very different from having self-confidence. By standing and walking, and taking the initiative when it comes to starting conversations, you will already radiate a lot of confidence, even if you may not have that confidence deep down. You may even retain some extra self-confidence here; that would of course be doubly nice! 

Feature 2: Style

You may think of style as something you simply have or don’t have, and not something you can learn. If you think so, I can tell you that it is nonsense. In fact, style is very subjective, so there is no one way to do this right or wrong. There will always be people who love a certain style, while others hate it.

The only thing you can actually do wrong not having a style at all. Style is seen as a reflection of your personality (by women, but unconsciously also by men). If you only make safe choices (jeans, black shirt without print, standard haircut), then you actually show that you have no personality or at least a very boring personality.

“You can only make a good first impression once.”

Obviously, this is not something very attractive, so you should avoid it. You have to choose a style, and dare to make a pronounced choice every now and then. You don’t have to suddenly walk into the pub wearing a purple cowboy hat and a red royal coat, but at least make sure that you don’t look exactly the same as all the other men.

Of course, fashion may just not be your cup of tea, and that’s fine. You really won’t be alone, especially as a man. In that case, it is better to steal well than badly conceived. When you see another guy who you think is well dressed, don’t be afraid to just steal a bit of his style. Others may not know whether you have collected everything yourself or not. 

If you really can’t figure it out the best style for you, then always ask the women in your life for advice. No one knows better what women find attractive than other women, so if your sister or a friend gives you advice on what to wear, it really doesn’t hurt to take that advice (or ask about it yourself !). [Read: Why women lose interest with nice guys]

Habit 3: Humor

When it comes to love, there are quite a few differences between men and women when it comes to what matters to them. Of course, this is all a bit of a generalization, and there are certainly exceptions to the rules, but in general, men are more interested in physical features than women. This often leads them to make wrong choices when flirting.

For example, humor is something that many women find extremely attractive but has little to do with attraction for men. Women are often much more attracted to personalities than men (just think of this: you see ugly men with pretty women much more often than handsome men with ugly women!).

“People just like to laugh, and women are no exception.”

With humor, you can show that you are sharp and smart. Of course, it will depend a bit on the level of your jokes, but with a good joke, you can show your intelligence. For example, by cleverly responding to a certain situation or comment. Intelligence is a very attractive trait for many women.

In addition, with humor, you create the right mood if you want to pick up a woman. You want to create a nice, friendly atmosphere because women are much more open to men when they are in a positive mood. Plus, humor can help you break through awkward situations, and discomfort is of course the last thing you want when trying to hit on a woman!

Also, don’t forget that the level of your jokes is important here. The kind of jokes you make with your team-mate in the locker room aren’t exactly going to go down well with most women. She is more likely to see you as shallow, flat, or even stupid. So with each joke, first consider whether it is suitable for the woman beside you.

Habit 4: An attractive body

I just explained to you that women are more attentive to personalities than men, but that doesn’t mean that physical characteristics don’t play a role at all. If a woman is sleeping with someone, it is still important that she also finds that person physically attractive. A good body is therefore also important when flirting with a woman.

“Your personality is nice, but you can’t go to bed with personality.”

There are, of course, certain physical traits that you cannot do that much about, and one man will simply have a little more luck with his body than the other. For example, if you are just unlucky about being on the small side (something that most women don’t find so attractive), then you won’t be able to do much about it.

What you can always do, however, is make the most of it. Training your body is possible for everyone, and although the final result will look different from one another, it is still better than if you were walking around with a beer belly. So it’s just a matter of making out what you have! [Read: Important body language tips to know from women]

Habit 5: Personal Care

While there are certainly people who associate masculinity with a lot of hair and a sweaty odor, most women think otherwise. For them, an attractive man is really someone who looks a bit well-groomed and also smells nice. Contrary to what you might think, most women are not interested in diving into the cave with an unwashed caveman.

The easiest thing you can do in this area is to simply spend a little more time on your personal hygiene. If you find yourself sweating, take a shower before you hit the road to hook up with women. Always put on deodorant as well, otherwise, you’ll be smelling of sweat again in no time. Getting a breath of fresh air certainly doesn’t hurt either.

“There is a reason you don’t often see beautiful women walking with unwashed homeless people.”

Your further physical care is also very important. For example, make sure you shave, or if you have a beard, keep it clean. Most women don’t think of Hagrid in Harry Potter when they think of the ideal man. Also, make sure you go to the hairdresser if your hair starts to get too long because that can also come across as unkempt.

Finally, you must also ensure that your clothes look neat. I’m not really talking about your style, because I’ve talked about that before. What I do mean is that you should never wear dirty or torn clothes when trying to hook up on a woman.

In my opinion, these are the five most important qualities a man must have in order to successfully hit on women. It’s not the only traits that matter, but if you’re working on these five, I personally am convinced that you’ll soon be much more successful in seducing women.

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